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For this body of work Tom was responding to a chapter from John Berger’s book Understanding a Photograph, Appearances. The chapter discusses the ambiguity of photography, how we can all interpret our own meaning in the details of a photograph.  Berger explores how every small minute detail of an image can resonate with each individual viewer differently opening up the possibility for countless interpretations.


Responding to this Tom has created a 1-minute video incorporating sound, text and photography. The text and sound in the video act as an instigator to trigger the viewer to create a visual image in their mind prior to seeing the image. Tom is playing on the viewers memory when reading and hearing sounds to describe a generic scene, creating a cliché landscape in their mind. This allows the viewers memories and experiences to play a part in the performance before juxtaposing their fabricated image with my own. Tom’s images look to break how you tend to romanticise the past as you can only remember fractured details of it, then showing how our contemporary spaces appear.

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